Der erste Grappa Siziliens "fullproof"

From the knowledgeable hand of Master Distiller Giovi comes a truly unique grappa. Grappasessanta is produced using an exclusive method that includes aging in small barrels. The result is a powerful, complex yet at the same time smooth grappa.

Appellation: Sicily
Location: Contrada Zisola - Noto (Siracusa)
Grapes: Nero d'Avola pomace
Alcohol: 60% Vol.
Distillation: Discountinuous in "bain-marie"
Processing: After a slow and gradual heating process, only the heart of the distillation process is used. The heads and the tails are discarded.
Aging: In small barrel for one year
Format: 500 ml
Packaging: Case of three, each in individual metal cylinder