Castello di Fonterutoli

Le Ripe

Located about 2 kilometers as the crow flies from Fonterutoli in the county of Radda in Chienti, this part of the property is dominated by an old Romanesque Abbey from the X century (called "Badiola"), from which one of the wines produced here owes its name.
The soil located at a height of between 470 to 570 meters is characterized by a medium mix limestone structure very rich in texture. The vineyards, 12 hectares of Sangiovese and Merlot with Southern exposure, were planted at a high density of between 5800 and 7400 plants/hectare with Guyot stocks for Sangiovese and pruned spur stocks for Merlot.
The zone presents reletively cool temperatures, both for the height and the specific micro climate, bestowing the grapes produced here with particular bouquet characteristics.