Società Orchestrale di Fonterutoli

A new project based on ancient roots

The opening, in a new format, of the Società Orchestrale-Bar Alimentari, represents the rebirth of the association born in the summer of 1896 with the purpose of bringing together all the music passionates of the area. The building of the Società was built specifically for this reason and comes back to life keeping its original function, as the club where the people of Fonterutoli used to gather and entertain.

Today the Società also offers to experience a classic Tuscan bar where it is possible to enjoy a typical panino or an Italian aperitivo. Of course, Mazzei wines are available for You to sip in the delight of the shadow of the pine trees in the garden. A small grocery corner is also accessible for any necessity you might need.

Opening hours:

MONDAY - THURSDAY: from 7 AM to 4 PM
FRIDAY - SUNDAY: from 7 AM to 9 PM
For more information write to or call +39 0577 735779