2016 Harvest: considerations

The harvest in Fonterutoli ended officially the 11th October. It has been a long harvest, that begun the 31st august. Now the grapes are safe in the cellar, becoming wine.

The “authorized personnel” stopped to scan the sky and can finally sleep peacefully.

It was for sure a challenging vintage, characterized by a long period of picking, that begun under a hot sun and ended under the rain of middle October.

The green manure of all vineyards, that makes soils solid even after heavy rain, the hand and selective picking of the grapes in each of the more than 100 parcels, according to different ripening level, allowed us to get a great quality.

The vintage was excellent, as the 2015 and other great vintages were. Unfortunately now we have to be patience and wait until the aging of the wine in the cellar is completed.

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