Behind the scenes: Codice V

After the harvest the grapes destined for Vermentino Codice V are subjected to a further manual selection of every bunch, before the vinification.

This process is characterized by 3 different vinifications which enhance the strengths of this wine and expand its aroma, thus making Codice V a white wine sharing some features of red wine: part of the mass is macerated with the skins, part of the grapes is aged in terracotta vases and the remaining is traditionally vinified in white 'sur lie’.

Vermentino Codice V is made from grapes coming from the Belguardo Estate, in the heart of the Maremma, near the sea.
The peculiar microclimate, influenced by the proximity of the Tyrrhenian Sea as well as by low-humidity thermal currents, yields elegant, concentrated and aromatic wines.
The Mazzei winery precisely leveraged these conditions to carry out a project, which included the cultivation of two clones coming from Corsica to produce a unique Vermentino which stands out for its structure, complexity and refinement potential.
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