Filippo Mazzei interviewed by Monty Waldin

Filippo Mazzei, interviewed by Monty Waldin in the Italian Wine Podcast series, talks about the recent Chianti Classico Gran Selezione and the main international markets for his Chianti Classico wines. He also talks about his production of Morellino di Scansano in Maremma and his Nero d’Avola vineyards in Sicily.
Italian Wine Podcast is a new podcast project dedicated to the Italian wine world.
Monty Waldin became the first wine writer to specialize in organic and biodynamic wines in the mid-1990s, and writes the entries on organic, biodynamic and natural wine for the Oxford Companion to Wine (ed. Jancis Robinson MW OBE).
He has worked in vineyards and wineries in both hemispheres, and was the subject of Chateau Monty, the first TV series to follow the making of a biodynamic wine from pruning to bottling for Britain’s Channel 4 in 2008.
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