From the cellar: the fermentation

Once that the just picked grapes has fallen, per gravity, into the steel vats (watch the video here), the alcoholic fermentation begins, thanks to the tireless and valuable work of the yeasts. This process takes place at a steady temperature of 27 ° C, which transforms grape must, within 10-20 days of maceration in contact with skins, in wine.
The fermentation room, like the whole cellar, has been designed to obtain the best in terms of quality from the grapes and from the entire production process. During the fermentation of red grape must, it is essential to extract and transfer the best from the skins in the juice, skins which contain aromatic precursors and polyphenols, substances responsible for the aroma, color and taste of the wine.
For this purpose above the vats is placed the punching down, which, with its perforated "wings", breaks the skins hat and pushes the skins down so that they can release in the must the elements mentioned in the highest quality as possible to obtain a great wine (watch the punching down video).
At the end of the fermentation, when all the sugar is turned into alcohol, the “vino fiore” is separated from the marc and dropped by gravity directly into the barriques and tonneaux. Here begins the other very important phase: the evolution and refinement in wood.
The marc, left after the separation of the “vino fiore”, is transported in a pneumatic press and pressed in a soft way and the obtained "juice" will be aged separately from the “vino fiore".

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