From the vineyard: snow in Fonterutoli and Belguardo

February was a very cold month all around Europe, and not even central-southern Italy was spared from very low temperatures. Snow arrived also in Fonterutoli, and even more unusual, in Belguardo in Maremma as well. Snow not only offers an enchanted landscape and the typical hushed silence, it is also very helpful for the vineyards.

Gionata Pulignani, technical director of Mazzei, explains why:
"The cold and the snow are very important for two aspects: as regards the defense, it helps to break down all the wintering forms of the insects, a decisive aspect to start the season with little pressure on the plants by possible pests, but above all the snow is fundamental because it represents the best water reserve. And, considering the very low temperatures of this period, acts as a buffer protecting the plant from freezing. "

Now we look forward to spring, which should not be long to peep out of the row, ready to sprout.

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