From the vineyards: harvest 2017 in Belguardo

On September 13, the harvest was completed in Belguardo, the Mazzei estate in Maremma.

After a poor in rain winter, and a mild spring but equally sprung of water, a hot, rather dry summer followed. However, the careful and prudent management of each vineyard has given optimum results for the health and quality of grapes, agronomic operations such as leaving more vegetation on plants in order to protect the grapes from direct solar radiation, as well as to a very important and fundamental management of drip irrigation on all the vineyards.

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This was one of the key elements of the success of a good harvest that supported the constant growth of vines and ripening of the bunches. Clearly we talk about drop irrigation absolutely authorized from Docg Morellino and Doc Maremma.
Additionally, the careful manual selection of bunches allowed total control over the choice of grapes to be taken into the cellar. And finally, on August 12th, a light and pleasant rain made the temperatures sink of several degrees for a few days, favoring the ripening of the bunches.
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