The pick of the Lavender flowers in our fields is finished, this is the occasion to tell you how this cosmetics

line was born, and to introduce you the new packaging.

It was the ‘80s when Carla Mazzei, walking with Lapo through the lands near the woods, discovered that lavender grew there spontaneously and that the soil was ideal for growing this wonderful aromatic plant. From this discovery, began the distillation and later the creation of several lavender products with Lavender of Chianti.

Lavender is cultivated on Fonterutoli hills, 600 meters above sea level, on stony, filtering and sunny ground. Lavender is collected by hand as soon as the bees abandon all together the flowers, sign that they are “ripe”.

Lavender is well known since ancient times for its therapeutic and relaxing properties, and this cosmetics, produced with raw materials of plant origin are suitable for all skin types and at all ages.

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