We all know how easy it is today to stay in touch even miles and miles away.
And how is possible to know everything about what happens in a place while living from the other side of the world. But even being around the corner, all thanks to social networks!
Many of our members become part of the Mazzei Wine Club after they’ve been in Fonterutoli, tasted the wines, visited the cellar or stayed in the B&B rooms: this is the reason why we’d like to invite you to stay in contact with us, also through the social network.
Have you ever been in Fonterutoli? Let us know it by leaving a review on Tripadvisor, tagging us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #MarchesiMazzei and follow us on our pages, we would be very pleased about that!
And whenever you’ll prefer real contat to the virtual one, we will be here in Fonteurtoli waiting for you, in the cellar, B&B, Osteria di Fonterutoli and brand new Società Orchestrale – Bar Alimentari.

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