Petersham Nurseries at Covent Garden

In April Petersham Nurseries has opened two restaurants with a café and a garden in Covent Garden, where the guests will be able to have a break from the frantic life in London. Petersham,'La Goccia' and 'Floral Court' add up to the already existing household and food store, featuring a wine collection and a garden centre, the flagship of Petersham Nurseries in Richmond.

The Petersham: An oasis of tranquillity far from the chaos of the city; this elegant and refined restaurant à la carte takes inspiration from Petersham Nurseries in Richmond; the interiors actually reflect the passion of the Boglione family for the contemporary art, enriched with Murano glass items which make the atmosphere of this environment even more magic. The 'Petersham' menu is based on the best seasonal and high-quality Italian products. Once in this enchanting place, do not miss the unique Petersham dessert with cocoa beans decorated with Zisola oil and sea salt.

La Goccia: it is an all-day-open restaurant with an open kitchen, wood oven, a large grill for roasted meats and a café. From breakfast to dinner, the dishes will be prepared by the chefs directly in front of the guests, thus adding a touch of theatricality to the service. In this location, Petersham offers its own interpretation of the Italian aperitif with the famous Venetian "cicchetti". The constant search for the best seasonal products results in an ever-changing menu.

La Goccia café: For the first time Petersham Nurseries will offer unique cocktails inspired by nature and the evolution of the seasons thanks to the botanicals, aromatic herbs and flowers directly grown in the Petersham garden.