Philip - Memories of a Free Man - VIDEO

Philip Mazzei, the ancestor of the Mazzei family to whom the homonymous wine is dedicated, was one of the most interesting figures who contributed to the birth of the United States of America.

After graduating in surgery and the first period as a doctor in Livorno, Philip began traveling to Europe as a wine merchant and other typical Tuscan products.

During his stay in London he became a friend of Benjamin Franklin, who soon introduced him to other members of American culture such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Convinced by the letter to move to Virginia, Philip began to devote himself solely to what were his real passions: wine and politics.

His writings, with a strong independentist stamp, laid the foundations for what was the birth of the American nation.

A doctor, a traveler, a dealer, and a politician. A man who, even today, we celebrate with one of our best wines.