Philip: The label design

The label design

The Mazzei wine Philip is immediately recognizable because of its distintictive and colorful label. For sure it’s something that reminds an artwork, and in fact it was created thanks to the collaboration with the students of the FUA – Florence University of Art, an international academic institution based in Florence (Italy) offering multidisciplinary studies and affiliated with important universities in the US and abroad.

The students of the FUA took part at the project of creating a label for “Philip”, and the inspiration for their sketches came from a stamp that was issued to honor Philip Mazzei in 1980 (250 years after his birth) in recognition of his role as an American Patriot and from a portrait of him painted by the famous French artist Jacques Louis David, on display at the Louvre of Paris.

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The result is an impactful and fascinating label which drives attention and curiousity to discover the story behind those eyes and that face, and of course behind the wine hidden in the bottle.
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