Tenuta Belguardo sponsor of G.C. Castiglionese

During a beautiful day, made of sport, wonderful wine and much passion, was presented the new sponsor of the G.C. Castiglionese, Tenuta Begluardo, at the presence of the mayor Giancarlo Farnetani and of the city authorities.

From the season 2017 Belguardo is the official sponsor of the G.C. Castiglionese; as Francesco Mazzei says “bike is an extraordinary way to visit the territory and to keep fit; I attend Castiglione della Pescaia since years, and I am strongly attached to this city, and, as I am member of the Castiglionese Team, the sponsorship came consequently naturally, and I’m very proud of that.”

And about the relationship between wine and sport, Francesco Mazzei says: “Wine is absolutely to be associated to sport, for example for the emotions that can cause, and it is scientifically proved that to drink a small quantity of wine regularly is absolutely healthy! And, for a kind of strange magic, wine always grows in wonderful places, and Maremma is definitely one of those.

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