The harvest 2018

The 2018 vintage has been fascinating and challenging: the winter months were very cold, with minimum temperatures falling to -10.5 ° C.

It also snowed for a couple of days, thus making up a reusable water reserve from the plants on the hottest summer days. In spring there were constant rainfalls from the middle of April until the beginning of summer, which alternated with some sunny days in the second half of May.

June was characterized by strong afternoon thunderstorms, which made the management of the grape downy mildew more complicated.

In short, this vintage was totally different from the 2017 one (a very hot and dry year), when the water reserves and the water stress were the major problems.

In July, the weather was good and sunny, with the total absence of rain. This condition lasted until the middle of August, with other thunderstorms.

From the middle of August to the middle of September, the rains were more heterogeneous.

The rainiest area was Fonterutoli, while in the Siepi and Vicoregio area it rained less. Considering these different climate conditions along 117 hectares, parcelling became even more important, since it enabled us to work in a precise and targeted manner, thus maximising the qualitative result of every parcel. At the beginning of September, the rains decreased and, after the first decade, the sun returned.

Harvest started at the beginning of September with wide temperature ranges between day and night (from 3.5 ° C at night to 31 ° C in the middle of the day.)

This promoted the phenolic maturation with a perfect concentration of terpenes and aromatic substances in the bunches. In conclusion, considering the climatic trend of this vintage, the grapes are healthy and well-balanced in terms of sugar and acidity levels. The excellent result thus obtained, thanks to the accurate work carried out both in the vineyard and in the cellar, will yield complex wines characterized by a very long refinement potential.