Top 100 & Top Gun

Some days ago, at the Italian Air Force Club in Marina di Grosseto, the strong bond between the Belguardo wines and the Tuscan Maremma – their land of origin – was celebrated. This event included a vertical tasting of Tenuta Belguardo, the Maremma flagship wine whose 2013 vintage ranked 23rd in the Wine Spectator Top100. The captain of the 4th flight formation, Colonel Marco Lant, inaugurated the event stressing the richness and fertility of the Maremma soil, as also confirmed by the recent international results obtained by Tenuta Belguardo. Then it was the turn of Francesco Mazzei to have his say: 'Wine often reflects its makers, and today we are proud to talk about the Maremma and its extraordinary results. These acknowledgments by major wine magazines, such as Wine Spectator, are a great success for this land and stimulate us towards ever greater achievements. This event is the combination between an internationally renown wine and our glorious air force tradition.' During the day the vertical tasting of the 2001 - 2005 - 2008 - 2010 - 20132015 vintages were held under the supervision of the AIS sommeliers