Castello di Fonterutoli

Carla Mazzei

Chianti Lavender

Nature and terroir

Back in the 80's Carla Mazzei, strolling with Lapo in the deserted lands next to the woods, discovered that lavender grew there by itself and that the land was ideal for cultivating this splendid aromatic plant. Distillation started after this discovery, and hence the creation of the Carla Mazzei lavender products of Chianti.

Lavender is cultivated on the hills of Fonterutoli, at 600 meters of altitude, on a stony, permeable, sun-drenched land. Lavender is rigorously picked by hand when the bees all leave the flowers behind.

The line of products we offer, with elegant packaging and neutral colors, is suitable for all types of skin and age. The line is created with raw materials of vegetable origin, without forgetting that lavender has been known since antiquity for its therapeutic properties, and is renowned for its ability to bestow tranquility and relaxation.

Body Cream 200ml Aluminium Can
Shampoo 150 ml PET Bottle
Conditioner 100ml PET Bottle
Shower Gel 200ml PET Bottle
Clearing Milk viso 150ml PET Bottle
Tonic Lotion 150ml PET Bottle
Hand Cream 50ml Aluminium Can
Bath Salts 200 ml PET Jar
Freshener Scent 100ml Aluminium Diffusor
Essential Oil 30ml Glass Bottle
Bar Soap 3x100gr Single Wrap in Carton Box

Technical sheet


    The vintage 2015 was characterized by a rainy winter which resulted in a good supply of water. A mild spring and an hot summer.
    Some rainfall in late July and after mid August led to a drop in temperatures, which have established the ideal conditions for the good ripening of the grapes with the accumulation of aromatic substances and polyphenol, ideal to produce a balanced wine, rich in structure, with complex aromas and long aging potential.
    Beginning of the harvest: 7/09
    End of the harvest: 8/10
    Rainfalls (sum of rainfall between April 1st and September 30th): 228mm
    Temperature Index (sum of average daily temperatures from April 1st to September 30th): 3739°C
    Evaluation: Very Good / Outstanding