The vineyards

Terroir and vines

The property is provided with 34 ha of planted local vines such as Sangiovese, Alicante, and Vermentino, international vines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, and others are presently being developed experimentally, with plant density of between 5500 to 6600 plants per hectare.
The entire area, located at an average height of 50-180 m above sea level, has South/South-West exposure and slopes that vary from 10% to 19%. The soil is characterized by rich structure with Albarese and sandstone rock, and texture that varies from medium mix with good water retention capacity, to light sandy provided with high draining capacity.

The influence of the Tyrrhenian Sea

The micro climate is strongly influenced by the vicinity to the sea, with strong thermal currents in particular during Spring and Summer; it is characterized by low humidity, less rain than the average in the area and a high rate of evaporation and plant transpiration.
This diverse combination of soil-climate conditions allows for the cultivation of quite different grapes, yielding wines with high complexity and concentration, but also extraordinarily elegant and aromatic; so much so that Belguardo was able to establish itself as one of the reference standards of the Maremma.