Sicilia DOC

The beauty of the white in Sicilia

Azisa, the word that gives rise to the name Zisola, also means "beautiful", an adjective that describes in one single word the character of this wine made from grapes of Grillo and Catarratto.
Winery: Zisola
Winery location: Noto, Sicilia
Grape varieties: 50% Grillo, 50% Catarratto
Alcohol: 13.08%
Total acidity: 6.19‰
Vineyards location: 130 m.a.s.l.; S/E exposure
Soil: Medium texture, calcareous and mineral
Training system: Head-pruned bush vines
Nr. of vines per hectare: 5.550 plants
Harvest: Hand picked from August 27th
Fermentation temperature: 15 °C
Bottling: December 2015
Available on the market: March 2016
Production: 35000 bottles
Formats: 750 ml
First vintage: 2014
Key descriptors: Aromatic, fresh, flower and citrus notes, pleasantly dry and mineral
Food pairing: Light starters (anchovies with orange), Pasta with seafood (spaghetti with sardines), Grilled vegetables (peppers in sweet and sour)

Technical sheet


Winter was characterized by few relevant rainfalls and temperature slightly above the season’s average. Intense rainfalls started in spring followed by an instable season that lasted until August resulting in a colder summer compared to the last three years. This situation provided an optimal conditions of ripeness for the grapes. The harvest overall, presented grapes with great levels of color, acidity and PH providing harmonious, structured and complex wines.
Rainfalls (sum of rainfall between April 1st and September 30th): 72mm
Temperature Index (sum of average daily temperatures from April 1st to September 30th): 4,409°C
Evaluation: Very good