Noto Rosso DOC

One of the first iconic Sicilian wines

It’s the most important wine of the estate, made with a selection of indigenous Nero d'Avola, rigorously bush trained, on two single estate parcels; it shows a different and personal style. A "super" Nero d'Avola, where the name "Doppiozeta" highlights the "core" of the Mazzei name.
Winery: Zisola
Winery location: Noto, Sicilia
Grape varieties: Nero d'Avola
Alcohol: 13.22%
Total acidity: 6.43‰
Vineyards location: 3 parcels (Piscina, Sopra Navel, Mandorleto) 95-130 m (310-425 ft) a.s.l.; S/E exposure
Soil: Medium texture, calcareous and mineral with a good rocky structure
Vineyards age: 8 - 13 years
Training system: Head-pruned bush vines - Organic agricolture (in conversion)
Nr. of vines per hectare: 5.500 plants
Harvest: Hand picked from September 12th
Fermentation temperature: 28 - 30 °C
Period of maceration: 16 days
Ageing: 16 months in small french oak barrels (225 and 500 lt / 50% new)
Finissage: 4 months in concrete tanks
Bottling: December 2018
Available on the market: June 2019
Production: 19500 bottles
Formats: 750 ml - 1,5 lt - 3 lt
First vintage: 2006
Ageing potential: Over 20 years
Key descriptors: Muscular, explosive spices and fruit flavors, powerful and elegant texture
Food pairing: Roasted meats, spicy stews, aged cheeses

Technical sheet


This vintage was characterised by a strong drought: in fact, after the rain at the end of October 2015 and until spring, the rainfall was just 49 mm, with winter temperatures above 6° C and a following active growth occurring at least ten days earlier than the average. This anticipation has been observed until the second week of August when, with great concern, heavy showers adjusted the proper trend of the vintage and hydrated the plants. It is surely worth mentioning the two heat waves that hit Sicily: the first was recorded between June and July and the second at the beginning of August, reaching 42° C.
Generally, the cycle of vegetation were initially subjected to warm temperatures during the day and cold ones at night, which started the blossoming and the flowering ten days earlier than the previous vintage (which started in the second half of May), followed by a good fruit setting; the veraison, too, was anticipated with respect to the seasonal average.
This climatic and weather trend granted the good health both of the vines and the bunches, which were characterised by a strong peel just before the harvest. The result was very satisfying and represented a step forward compared to the previous vintages with wines rich in colorants and strong acidity.
Beginning of the harvest: 31/08
End of the harvest: 27/09
Rainfalls (sum of rainfall between April 1st and September 30th): 225 mm
Temperature Index (sum of average daily temperatures from April 1st to September 30th): 4,202°C
Rainfalls (sum of rainfall between April 1st and September 30th)
Temperature Index (sum of average daily temperatures from April 1st to September 30th)
Evaluation: Outstanding